What is medical payments coverage? Is it something I should consider?

Medical payments coverage is an option for your auto insurance policy. It covers medical bills incurred by you, your family, any passengers in your car, or pedestrians injured in an accident involving your car. It will also protect your family against medical bills resulting from injuries suffered as pedestrians. In addition, if you often have passengers that are not family members in your car, medical payments coverage would be valuable in the event of an accident. It is important to note that medical payments coverage is paid regardless of fault. Your vehicle will play a role in your decision. If you own and operate a motorcycle, for example, your policy will be far more restrictive in terms of medical bill coverage.

You may not need medical payments coverage if the deductible limits for your other coverage portions are manageable. However, over time, some factors that determine the best coverage for you may change. Medical payments coverage could fill the gaps between what your policy already pays, and what you need covered. If you have any questions about medical payments coverage, check with your representative at the New Jersey office of A.C. Marmo & Sons, Inc. to compare the medical coverage on your policy with your health insurance coverage.

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