Traveling? Think about travel insurance!

New Jersey residents enjoy the state’s beautiful beaches. The Garden State has some of the best restaurants in the world. We can attend professional sporting events in modern basketball arenas and football stadiums. We can visit mountains, shores, cities, and villages. There are many attractions in our home state. But sometimes, we like to get away and visit another state or another country.

 When you travel for business or vacation, there are many things to consider and plan. But there are some things that are out of your control. That’s where travel insurance can come in very handy by compensating you for unforeseen emergencies while traveling.

There are several types of travel insurance. The first and most common is Trip Cancellation/Interruption coverage. This type of policy covers cancellations due to weather, sudden illness or death, jury duty, emergency military duty, and bankruptcy of the airline or cruise line before departure. Coverage may include terroism insurance that reimburses your expenses in the event that the U.S. Department of State issues a travel warning that cautions against travel to a specific country for a period of time.

Another common type of travel insurance is for medical emergencies. This coverage is useful if you plan on traveling to underdeveloped countries. It is important for individuals with a chronic illness that might require medical attention at some point during the trip. These policies will reimburse you for the cost of doctor visits, medication, and sometimes even medical evacuation out of the country.

It is also possible to obtain travel insurance that will cover non-refundable tickets in the event that a trip has to be cancelled for any number of reasons. Some coverage plans will sometimes cover missed connections as well, which can be a lifesaver in the event of a flight delay or over-crowded and/or confusing airport terminal. 

For longer trips, or for frequent travelers, a comprehensive insurance package may be the best value. These usually provide a wide variety of coverage, and some even allow you to select the types of coverage most important for your needs. Since it’s impossible to know what problems might arise during your trip, these policies cover all the bases so that you have protection against monetary loss in the event of almost any emergency.

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