Keep In Touch

Keep In Touch

Change happens. Over time, people, places and events experience changes, sometimes significant, sometimes slight.

The A.C. Marmo & Sons, Inc. insurance agency has made a substantial investment in a client contact system. Its purpose is to make it easier for our clients to contact us to ask questions about their insurance coverage, to inform us of changes that impact their personal and business policies, and for our agency to send news, reminders, and recommendations to ensure that our clients have the proper coverage for their valuable possessions.

Anyone can still contact us by telephone, of course. But the world of communications has changed dramatically in the past few years. Smart phones, mobile tablets, and laptop computers give owners a chance to send and receive information in an instant.

Clients can contact us through our website. They can send an email, call a toll free number and leave a message that we can listen to even from locations outside the office. We check these messages several times a day.

We encourage our valued clients to visit our website ( ) to become familiar with its capabilities. On the site, you will also find links to our blog account (short articles about insurance topics as well as other interesting references), our page on Facebook, and even a Twitter account.

It is important for us to have the email address you prefer to receive messages from our office. You may send your email address directly through our website. You may also send it to .

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