Springtime Tips to Protect Your Home

Easy-to-Implement Tips to Protect Your Home

You have anxiously awaited that one perfect spring day. After what may have been chilly nights and cloudy skies, the warming rays of the sun are a much anticipated gift.

But no matter where you are located in the country, the onset of spring can bring with it a slew of problems-if the necessary precautions have not been taken. Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a wet basement and household water damage.

Whether it’s the winter snow that continues to melt or the extra spring precipitation that begins, the first signs of water damage can appear. They may seem trivial at first – a few water stains on your bathroom ceiling or a leak under the kitchen sink – but with continued neglect and seasonable rain, those small issues can turn into big problems.

Recognizing the causes of water damage and where the leaks comes from, can help you prevent damages to your home, electronics and treasured personal possessions.

The five main causes of water damage include:

Surface water running down primary foundation walls
Broken pipes & hoses – burst water mains, old pipes, even ice maker hoses that fail!
Accidents – overflowing bathtubs and broken toilets
Flash flooding and excessive rain
Sewer back up – tree roots are common violators; invading and clogging drain lines!

There are many ways you can take a proactive approach and prevent water damage from wreaking havoc in your home. Start by evaluating the interior and exterior of your property and determine any possible sources of water damage; then try utilizing some of these, easily maintainable solutions:

Keep your gutters free and clear of any debris. Create a maintenance plan for yourself; make sure you clean away decaying leaves and trim surrounding shrubbery.

Periodically check for leaks under the sink where the hoses connect to the water supply

If your refrigerator has a built in icemaker, check the hose connection and be aware of any wet spots on the floor- that may be a sign of a icemaker line that’s about to burst!

Replace any deteriorating caulk around sinks

Check washing machine hoses regularly for any cracking, bulging or fraying – also be aware of any leaks around the hose ends.

All of us at AC Marmo And Sons hope you enjoy the spring weather, and while you’re out and about doing some spring cleaning, stay up to date on these important water maintenance needs!

If you have any questions about homeowners insurance in NJ, we welcome your call.

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