Bad Economy, More Life Insurance?

During a recession, conventional wisdom tells you to save, save, and save some more. This means cutting costs and saving every penny to pay down your debts and pad your savings. While this is sound advice — and advice most Americans embrace every day — it’s not advice that affects how most Americans approach their life insurance.

In a 2009 survey, the LIFE Foundation found that in contrast to this savings trend, most Americans are spending more now on life insurance than ever before. In fact, of the 1,000 people surveyed, only 9% saw a decreased need for life coverage. A whopping 56% “say the economic downturn has made it more important to have life insurance.” While this may seem counter-intuitive, it reflects a growing awareness that when times get tough, people want more assurances their families are going to be taken care of.

Rather than cut back, 71% of the survey participants left their life insurance coverage untouched. Almost 39% increased their coverage and 28% were planning on buying life insurance for the first time! This can be attributed to the fact that life insurance has been a traditional hedge against the unforeseen and the unexpected. As the economic climate becomes more and more turbulent, Americans need a financial shelter they can trust.

Marvin Feldman, president and CEO of the LIFE Foundation, put it best when he said, “Americans realize that life insurance can be the safety net that catches their family when tragedy strikes.” The key is making sure the net is intact and inclusive. If you haven’t reviewed your policy lately — or if you’re interested in expanding your coverage — let’s schedule a call to make sure your needs and concerns are being addressed.

A.C. Marmo and Sons, Inc. has provided insurance coverage for individuals, families, and businesses in New Jersey since 1929.

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