NJ Photo Favorites

Memorial Day weekend kicked off the unofficial start of summer with beautiful weather. New Jersey residents enjoyed our state’s beaches, backyard barbeques, and patriotic parades.

In this age of digital photography, it is easy to take photos and share them with our friends and colleagues.

We’d like to feature your prized photos on our blog site. At this time, we request photos that capture the look and feel of summer in New Jersey. Things that come to mind are white sandy beaches, blazing red and orange sunsets, white crested breakers in the surf, a peaceful scene in one of our parks, the mountains in the northern part of the state, colorful gardens, and so on. It can be a very long list because there are many beautiful places in New Jersey to visit and enjoy.

If you’d like to share one or more of your photos, send them to jguider@acmarmo.com. Please include the location where you took the photo. Include your name and we will be happy to post it on our site along with your photo.

Here are three photos from the Lavalette beach.

Enjoy your summer. Best wishes from the insurance professionals at A.C. Marmo and Sons.

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